Preventive Maintenance


Regular maintenance provides many benefits including:

  • Reduce the downtime of your electrical systems
  • Decreasing energy consumption and cost
  • Reducing the risk of emergency repairs

We offer a full array of maintenance services including:

  • Thermographic imaging
  • Torque & Clean
  • Ground resistance testing
  • Generator testing & maintenance
  • Back-up system installation and testing

Thermographic Imaging

Thermographic imaging works by detecting the radiation that is being released by electrical objects. It spots the heat patterns or temperature changes in the objects. When these changes are seen it allows you to discover problems prior to an expensive failure.

Using Thermographic imaging, Electrical Innovation can pinpoint potential electrical problems before they affect your business which is part of our Preventive/Predictive Maintenance program. Our infared camera can help you predict the hot spots, which often can help prevent future problems.

How is it used?

Electrical Innovation uses Thermographic imaging to:

  • Check circuit breakers and fuses for overloaded conditions and/or loose- corroded connections.
  • Look for electrical conductors that are overheated because of faulty connections.