At Electrical Innovation, we believe an excellent safety record comes from a constant focus on training and safety procedures. It’s our ultimate goal to ensure that all people on the job site are safe. We are very diligent about our equipment and procedures in order to help ensure the safety of our employees, customers and all the other trades on the job site.

Electrical Innovation’s management and supervisory personnel are responsible and accountable for the success of the overall safety of operations. Each leader is expected to identify safety issues to improve safety practices in a manner that allows each employee onsite to work each day without incident or injury.

Safety Targets

  • Management and supervisory personnel retain and develop safety knowledge, a positive attitude on all job sites.
  • Management provides resources and safe work environments.
  • Leaders implement preventative measures and take appropriate actions when a safety issue arises.
  • Leaders ensure the job site follows safety rules and procedures, qualified personnel perform the work, and the right tools are provided for each specific task.

Safety Daily

  • Applying safe work practices.
  • Continuously reminding coworkers of pertinent safety rules & requirements.
  • Identifying existing or potential hazards.
  • Notifying leaders of unsafe conditions or acts of others so correction can be made.

Safety Goals

  • Employee participation
  • Boost employee morale
  • Communication between all of our employees

Reduce incidents and injuries