Construction Services


Electrical Innovation offers construction services in commercial, industrial & residential projects.

At Electrical Innovation, we value every construction project. It is our duty as a electrical contractor to start every project with the Innovation process that will ensure all potential problems are identified, the proper questions are asked, correct materials are purchased, and budget/schedule goals are set. By performing all of the required upfront work, VE packages can be offered which could benefit the budget of the customer. The project management and field supervisory team are given the tools necessary & required to lay out a successful project plan. All of these practices and procedures protect the project schedule by placing the proper manpower onsite to meet the desired production, timely equipment deliveries, and to maintain important deadlines. We have these procedures to better serve our customers and there clients.

The Electrical Innovation approach includes:

  • Placing an experienced project team that has the experience required for your project
  • Standard procedures for the team members in our company ensures  a properly completed project.
  • Tracking progress each week and making immediate adjustments to the project so that the project stays within in budget and on schedule.
  • Using innovative construction methods to maximize efficiency.
  • Working with the general contractor, owner, engineer and other contractors makes the project successful for all involved.
  • And by finishing the project with the close out and commissioning process ensures our services to be utilized again and again.